A Series Of Russian Missile Attacks Kills 600 Ukrainians Overnight

600 Ukrainian soldiers were reported to have been killed following a series of Russian missile strikes last night.

Reports of missile strikes hitting multiple Ukrainian army garrisons, troop convoys, weapons depots, and Kanatovo Airfield located in Kirovohrad resulted in a combined 600 Ukrainian troops being killed.

Russian missile attacks have become a constant fear for the Ukrainians still remaining in the country, with high profile reports of civilians being killed due to missile strikes detouring refugees in Poland, Moldova, and Germany from coming back.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky gave another one of his TV Broadcasts stating: “The Russians have killed 600 of our men in the span of mere hours, more than the amount killed from gunfire in the Donbas.

If Putin gets to his head that these missile strikes can kill more Ukrainians than his own troops, then our country will be buried in a sea of missile fire that would kill untold amounts of innocent people”.

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