A Jewish Man Died After Being Hit By A Parisian Tram Whilst Fleeing Attackers

A Jewish man in France, Jeremy Cohen, died after being ran over by a tram whilst fleeing attackers.

Investigators initially thought that the incident was a traffic disaster, an appeal by Cohen's family was launched after evidence surfaced that he was fleeing attackers before he died.

The incident took place in February but it wasn't until recently that the CCTV of him running from what his family called an “Antisemitic Lynch Mob” surfaced in the trial.

The newly emerged CCTV footage showed Cohen being targeted by a street gang in Bobigny near Paris, while fleeing the attack he stepped onto the tram tracks and was hit.

He died after being taken to hospital where local police surmised that it was a horrific accident.

His family, unsatisfied with the result, then took to the internet.

Posting flyers and appealing to locals on social media for any footage to prove that their son was attacked.

A Dubai man in the area submitted a video he took of a man running down the street being chased by a group of people, the family were able to confirm that it was their son.

They told local authorities that their son was assaulted for wearing his Yamaka, the cloth cap worn by Jews, and tried to flee for his life.

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