300 Confirmed Dead After Mariupol Theatre Bombed

Ukrainian servicemen can confirm that at least 300 civilians were killed after the Drama Theatre in Mariupol was bombed, the UN also reports that mass graves have been dug for the dead as city endures more bombardment and shelling from Russian forces.

The Drama Theatre entertained people before the war, kept people safe during the shelling of Mariupol, and is now the tomb of 300 civilians.

Outside on both ends of the building was “Children” written in Russian, but regardless if there were children inside the theatre when it was hit or not it was targeted anyway.

It is believed that at the time of the bombing 1,300 people were seeking shelter in the theatre, with only about 150 confirmed survivors of the bombing are known meaning 850 civilians are still uncounted for says the local militia.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is now being called “The butcher of Mariupol” after several other incidents of targeting civilians, notably the bombing of a maternity hospital just outside Mariupol, resulting in the deaths of 2,400 civilians in Mariupol.

But that's only from the number being from those they can identify, with hundreds or thousands more being unidentifiable.

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