22,800 Visas Have Been Given To Ukrainian Refugees With Family In The UK

The Home Office announced that 22,800 Ukrainians with family in the UK fleeing the war in Ukraine have been granted visas, but activists have been quick to point out that only 2,700 visas were given to refugees who don't have family in the UK wishing to seek asylum in Great Britain.

These 2,700 visas are for Ukrainians apart of the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme, dozens of people hope to help refugees fleeing war torn Ukraine via the scheme have contacted news outlets complaining about the lack of visas being given.

Over 150,000 people across the UK have launched their complaints, that there is no way to keep track of applications.

Leaving those fleeing the war in Ukraine uncertain about if if they get to go to the UK, try in Poland or Moldova, or remain in Ukraine.

Some have also complained about the lack of language experts when translating English to Ukrainian when using the website set up to help refugees, leading to further confusion among refugees trying to get to the UK.

Others have ridiculed the large amount of paperwork and documentation needed to apply in the first place, questioning if when fleeing a war zone whether it's possible to have brought bank statements, pay checks, birth certificates, passports, and other forms of personal documentation required by the home office to prove that they're actually Ukrainian.

Many with family in Ukraine trying to flee to them in the UK have also complained about some family members getting visas and some being denied, in some cases within the same family.

Potential hosts for the Homes for Ukraine scheme have contacted news outlets, describing the fears that they have for the safety of the refugee(s) they were planning to host.

The Ukrainian refugees who are waiting for their applications to be approved and visas to be granted are stuck in hotels in France, Poland, Germany, and the Benelux regions, often in unsuitable conditions.

On top of that, female refugees as young as 4 have been conned by criminals into being kidnapped and sold into the sex trafficking ring and others being forced into prostitution for a place to live.

All of this has hosts here in the UK concerned.

Refugee and humanitarian charities MSF, Amnesty International, and the Red Cross over the last two weeks have called on the government to waive visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees, MSF commented that: “The UK has shunned refugees whilst Europe embraces them”.

Minister for Refugees, Lord Harrington, said: “Numerous changes have been made to the application process to help streamline the scheme, but I agree that further improvements are needed”.

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