Shanghai tightens Covid restrictions after weeks of strict lockdown

Authorities in Shanghai have further tightened restrictions on the movement of residents in some districts and warned its 25 million inhabitants that strict measures would continue until Covid-19 was eradicated, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

After three weeks of stringent lockdown that has fuelled discontent in China’s largest metropolis, some districts were told that restrictions would be tightened even when they met the criteria for people to be allowed to leave their homes.

“Our goal is to achieve community zero-Covid as soon as possible,” the government said, referring to a target to stamp out transmission outside quarantined areas. “This is an important indication that we win this major, hard battle against the epidemic … so that we can restore normal production and life order.”The Shanghai municipal government said on its official WeChat account that infections were showing a “positive trend” and that life could return to normal soon as long as people stuck to strict rules to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Since last month, China’s most populous city has experienced its worst outbreak in Covid cases. But the draconian lockdown not only constricted residents’ movements but also resulted in many facing loss of income, family separations, food shortages and difficulty meeting other basic needs.

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