President Joe Biden Says The US Has Reached 'A New Moment' In The Fight Against Covid

Joe Biden said the US has reached "a new moment" in its fight against coronavirus, as the number of US cases decreases after the country passed the peak of its Omicron surge.

"For more than two years, Covid has impacted every decision in our lives and the life of this nation. And I know you're tired, frustrated and exhausted," Biden said.

"Tonight I can say we're moving forward safely back to more normal routines. We've reached a new moment in the fight against Covid-19."

Biden pointed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new guidelines allowing more Americans to go mask-free because of declining case rates.

The president also announced that starting next week, Americans will be able to order more free coronavirus tests from the federal government.

The president then called on offices to reopen, saying, "It's time for Americans to get back to work and fill our great downtowns again. People working from home can feel safe to begin to return to the office."

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