M*A*S*H*'s Alan Alda And Other Celebrities Are Fighting Covid Misinformation Online

Alan Alda is tackling misinformation regarding Covid-19.

The star who played the comedic alcohol loving army surgeon Hawkeye Pierce in the hit 70's TV show M*A*S*H*, and fellow actors are helping people weed out fake news and misinformation.

Alda stated “I was interested in science before I realized it was the cause and effect of science I was interested in, I wanted to know how we got to where we are now”.

Alda reflected on the way many scientists struggle to speak comprehensibly to people outside the field.

Alda reached out to many universities to try and launch a program to recruit scientists but he said “None were interested at the time”.

Today the Alda Center has trained 20,000 scientists and medical professionals in methods of simplified synopsis's of their work, helping many who can't wrap their head around things like Alan himself was know what they're talking about.

The remarkable thing is that Alda is able to do all this whilst maintaining his acting rolls, the multi Emmy Award winner from M*A*S*H* and The West Wing as well as countless rolls in movies and plays still finds the time to educate people on Climate Change and Covid.

Funding Covid research and promoting the proper information on his podcasts.

As he continues his work to help scientists communicate, Alda hopes that more universities and other schools incorporate Science Communication training as they educate future scientists of various fields.

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