Voice-Over Actors And Musicians Warn That Their Jobs Will Be At Risk From Speech A.I.

Actor's jobs may be at risk if government regulation doesn't step in, warns unions.

Equity, a union for actors and artists, has started their new “Stop A.I. Stealing The Show!” campaign to strike against the implementation of voice synthases and deep fake A.I. Often used to replicate the actor's voice and look via text too speech and 3D modelling programs.

A.I. In all it's forms has been replacing skilled workers in a multitude of jobs since the Victorian age, at it's peak in the early 2000's, 1 in 5 jobs in a manufacturing setting were automated.

Amazon's workerless parcel warehouses and VW's robot assembly workers have shown how A.I. has advanced to the point that human labour isn't necessary in the manufacturing and warehousing fields.

Another form of this is the use of holograms, such as Coachella bringing rapper TUPAC back from the dead via projected hologram for a concert in 2012.

Bringing people back from the dead with holograms or video editing trickery like how Disney resurrected Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher for Rouge One: A Star Wars Story has left many concerned about the ethical dilemma presented by the pros and cons of A.I. 

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