VA Flight Forced To Return To LHR After Roster Error Is Uncovered Mid Flight

Virgin Atlantic (VA) Flight VS3 was under 40 minutes into it's journey from London Heathrow to New York's JFK Airport, when whilst over Ireland a crew roistering error came to light and the plane had no choice but to u-turn back to LHR to get a proper first officer.

The first officer on the roster apparently has not finished his final flight assessment yet, but was put on the flight's crew roster anyway.

The flight was grounded until a properly trained first officer was found, which luckily for the angry passengers was achieved very swiftly and VA Flight VS3 restarted and made it to New York with no further issues.

VA were finned an undisclosed amount of money for this waving of safety rules, a VA spokesperson has apologized for the incident.    

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