Twitter take over: Musk eyes 'slight' fee for some users after $44bn deal concludes

Elon Musk has contoured  plans to bill some Twitter consumers as part of his blue print to increase  revenue once his $44bn take command of the social media platform  has concluded.

The world's affluent man used his Twitter account to disclose that the epoch of without charge tweets was concluding when he said: "Twitter will always be free for casual users, but maybe a slight cost for commercial/government users.

"Some revenue is better than none!" he added in another tweet.

The proclamation  builds on a float of other insinuations the Tesla co-founder has made since concurring a deal to acquire Twitter private last week.

In tweets which were afterwards  deleted, Musk proposed switches to the Twitter Blue premium subscription service, that includes discounting its price, prohibiting advertising and allowing a choice remit in the cryptocurrency dogecoin.

He has also voiced out an aspiration for new attributes to magnify the convenience of the user while also elevating trust by  verifying all customers as humans as part of an offer  to clamp  down on spam bots.

The Reuters news agency announced that he had notified banks he would evolve up to date ways to guarantee income  through tweets and cut costs through avenues including executive pay.

At the annual Met Gala in New York on Monday, Musk expressed annoyance  that the arrive of Twitter was at the present only "niche" and he would desire a considerable percentage of Americans on it.

Twitter at present  has about 40 million regular active users in the US, according to the company.

Musk has allegedly  given himself three years to put in practice changes and strengthen performance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he is calculating  to place Twitter back on the stock market in that lapse of time.

The billionaire  who is said to have a net value of $245bn on paper had vended $8.5bn worth of Tesla stock to help sponsor  his calculated  procurement.

Reuters alleged on Monday that he was in communication  with merchant banks and other individuals with means to help sponsor  the $44bn deal.

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