Twitter Sold! To The Worlds Richest Man And African Elon Musk

The social media giant Twitter has been bought by the worlds richest man and African. Elon Musk, after Twitter's board of shareholders approved his $44 Billion (£35 Billion) bid to buy the company.

The South African multi-billionaire is worth an estimated $264.6 Billion (£208 Billion) as of the start of 2022.  

Elon Musk has vowed as Twitter's new owner to make the town square of the Internet more friendly to free speech, with less moderation and a wider range of topics available to be discussed with others without having your post(s) deleted and your account either suspended or deleted outright.

Twitter in recent years has been criticized for it's overbearing moderator system, with bias of mods being an open secret on it's app.

Musk stated that: “The moderation of content on Twitter will now be next to zero, of course we'll still have some mods.

But these mods will be vetted to prove lack of allegiances or other biases that creates the 'Big Brother Moderator' everyone associates Twitter for”.

Twitter has also been criticized for promoting the Cancel Culture Movement: A movement that aims to boycott individuals, companies, movies, Statues, Monuments, and TV shows based on an act of injustice (Real or Perceived) that could've taken place today or in recorded human history.

This movement since 2015 has spread like wildfire on Twitter before also moving to Facebook, galvanizing adults, teens, and kids alike to vandalize and destroy monuments and statues like various Confederate Statues and Memorials in the American South, statues of Cecil Rhodes and Paul Kruger in South Africa, statues both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II in Canada, and statues of King Leopold II in Belgium.

Some have praised their actions as “Much needed action against injustice”, others see them as “A sensitivity mob who believes that vandalism, destruction of public property, and an INSOC style government will make the world a better place”.

Musk stated that: “Freedom of speech is the bedrock of democracy, no matter who is speaking their mind.

And though I did state that there will be little to no moderation, the Cancel Culture groups on Twitter I inherited from the board will be culled”.

Many have argued that moderation of a social media space as big as Twitter is absolutely necessary, one former moderator stated that: “Social media is a slippery slope, you're gonna have people who genuinely want to message friends and promote equality.

But you're also gonna have people who want to sew discourse and spread hate.

Elon Musk means well, but in practice, I can see it backfiring on him”.

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