The 8th Richest Man In The World Wishes To Buy Boots Pharmacy

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has announced his interest in buying UK high-street pharmacy chain Boots.

The Reliance Industries chairman and Asia's second richest man says he is willing to pay roughly £10 Billion ($7.8 Billion) for Boots to aid in his goals to expand into the retail market.

Ambani is no stranger to acquiring British assets.

In 2019 his company bought toy store chain Hamley's, and in 2021 his company won a bid on the historic Stoke Park Country Club for roughly £60 Million ($69 Million).

The US based Walgreens, which owns Boots, is set to negotiate a price with Reliance, though former Walmart owned supermarket empire ASDA has also thrown their hat in the ring, offering what they called: “A bigger bid than what Ambani and the guys at Reliance are offering”. 

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