Sony And Microsoft Slammed For Proposing Putting Ads In Free Versions Of Video Games

Microsoft (Owners of Xbox) and Sony (Owners of PlayStation) have faced a soaring wave of user backlash over the plans to put adverts into free versions of popular titles.

Microsoft is said to have started development of free versions of Xbox exclusives like Halo and Forza, only when loading it would run an ad or two.

Sony have announced a similar scheme with their new Uncharted game, via in-game billboards and assets.

Both companies addressed complaints saying that: “We aren't doing this to make more money, but to entice developers to make free games”.

The move came after free-to-play titles became popular due to the rise of mobile gaming and the Covid-19 Pandemic along with the cost of living crisis meaning some people can't spend £50 ($70) on games any more.

Players outraged stated that: “This effects more than play-ability, but in-game brands like Nuka-Cola from Fallout and Zpam from Plants vs Zombies would also be effected.

By replacing them with their real-world counterparts, the move will cause players to feel less immersed in the game's universe and for creativity to spiral”. 

Back in the 80's and 90's, companies like Coca Cola, Domino's, Pepsi, Burger King, Chex, and McDonald's were able to publish their own games to try and sell products.

New laws prevent them from doing this however, so the initiative from Microsoft and Sony to put adverts in free versions of buy-able titles is heavily supported by companies wanting to get their products into video games. 

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