Samsung's 2am Running Advert Deemed "Tone Deaf" By Women's Groups

Women's groups have launched a mountain of complaints towards Asian tech giant Samsung for their new 2am running advert.

The advert for Samsung's newest models of smart-watch and wireless earbuds depicts a black woman getting up at 2am, dressing in summer jogging attire, and going for a solo run through the dark metropolis of London.

The commercial was meant to show the smart-watch's capabilities to keep users on a schedule or routine, but Women's groups said that the ad is plainly inaccurate at best and tone deaf at worse following the murder of Irish jogger Ashling Murphy, the 23 year old was found dead after going missing on a nightly run.

Women's groups have also referenced the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped whilst walking home at night in London.

Esther Newman of the magazine Women's Running stated: “I am disgusted by this tasteless ad that makes a mockery of Ashling Murphy and Sarah Everard”.

According to the Office of National Statistics, half of the entire UK's female population feel uncomfortable walking anywhere whilst alone at night.

Samsung UK's Twitter account posted a statement regarding criticisms of the ad stating: “We can assure you that the meaning for this advert is for the all new Galexy series of our popular smart-watches, and how it can help users stick to their own routines and health goals”. 

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