Netflix Announced That It Wishes To Crackdown On Password Sharing

American streaming service provider Netflix has announced that it will soon be clamping down on users sharing passwords.

By “Sharing Passwords”, they mean either giving your Netflix account name and password family and/or friends.

As well as people who split the bill on their Netflix accounts, often done by couples and room mates.

The company suspects that 100 Million households in Europe and America share passwords, which is considered to be against the companies terms of service.

These incoming changes were announced after the company ceased operations in Russia.

Many suspect this to be a way of recouping looses after they exited the Russian market following the invasion of Ukraine two months ago.

The number of Netflix subscribers fell by 200,000 over the first 3 months this year, with shareholders warned that another 2 Million could be lost by July.

For perspective when they pulled out of Russia, they lost 700,000 subscribers overnight.

Many have accused Netflix of being full of stuff they don't like with the exception of shows like Narcos and Stranger Things, and of being greedy via hiking the monthly price from £4 ($6) to £6 ($8) and again to £16 ($20).

This has led to a disinterest in Netflix and due to that and the cost of living crisis across the globe, subscriber rates have fallen across the planet. 

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