German Newspaper 'Die Welt' Has Announced Hiring Marina Ovsyannikova As Correspondent On Russia And Ukraine

The German news company, Die Welt Newspaper (DWN), has announced that it's poached Russian rouge journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, the female reporter who hoisted a “No-War” sign live on air as a method of protesting the war in Ukraine.

DWN announced that Ovsyannikova will be their new correspondent in Russia and Ukraine, stating: “We along with Ms Ovsyannkova stand for what is being vehemently defended by the Ukrainian people, their freedom”.

After her on-air protest in March, the 43 year old was arrested, fined 30,000 rubles (£214), and sacked.

Ovsyannikova stated that: “I thank the bosses at DWN for this act of generosity”.

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