Fraudulent Product Reviews To Be Criminalized

The increase in online shopping means that you're not exactly witness to the product you are purchasing.

A nice photo, attractive price, and good reviews is all that's needed to convince online shoppers on Amazon and eBay to purchase products.

Sometimes however they get duped by sellers who use manipulated photographs and fake 4-5 star reviews to make it look as if it's a respectable item, until now.

New laws in regard to false advertisements of items online via doctored photos and fake reviews will come into effect, protecting the online consumer.

The laws also make sure that sites like eBay and Amazon will enforce these laws via their fraud departments.

Government sources estimate that £900 per UK household is spent by those influenced by fake reviews, and £60 for unwanted subscriptions.

Services offering so-called “Bot Reviews” will be outlawed and sites like YouTube and Google will no longer be able to take commissions on advertisement slots and top search listings respectively in the UK.

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