Employment Tribunal Rules That Commenting On A Man's Baldness Is Sexual Harassment

A trio of employment judges have now deemed the commenting of a man's baldness a form of Sexual Harassment, the tribunal ruled yesterday, deeming it the equivalent of commenting on a woman's breasts or butt.

The bizarre ruling came after the 2021 case of Finn v. Bung, where electrician Tony Finn sued his former workplace British Bung Company after he was fired when he complained about being sexually harassed due to his bald head.

Mr Finn said the the comments made him fear for his safety.

The judge ruled that his firing was indeed a result of reporting sexual harassment and added that the company: “Violated the claimant's dignity by dismissing him”.

Many argue however that commenting negatively on the loss of a man or woman's hair isn't sexual harassment, but rather Age Discrimination.

They also argue that if a man or woman has Alopecia, it should be deemed an act of Health Discrimination rather than sexual harassment.

Feminist groups have also taken issue with the ruling, deeming the it: “Non-Topical when the court says that it's the equivalent of talking about the size of a woman's breasts or rear end.

As few women find bald men attractive”.

The ironic comment of finding bald men less attractive has led to American conservative personality Ben Shapiro to comment that: "Double standards were clearly present in the responses made by several feminist organisations to the ruling of Finn v. Bung, how do they believe it's right to comment on a man's height, penis size, and/or the amount of hair on his head and get away with it?

Since we can be fired for commenting negatively or even positively towards a woman's appearance, they should also be fired for doing the same to men”.

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