Elon Musk Seeks To Buy Twitter In Order To Promote And Protect 'Free Speech' On The Platform

The worlds richest man and African, Elon Musk, has offered to buy the social media company Twitter for $41.39 Billion (£31.54 Billion) after becoming majority share holder of the company last week.

Elon wants to take over the company in order to implement previously rejected freedom of speech guidelines he proposed after becoming majority share holder, saying that: “If my offer to buy the company is rejected, I'll have to reconsider my investment in Twitter”.

Twitter has been accused of bias when it comes to reporting posts and comments that pertain to conservative users such as Donald Trump and Joe Rogan, whilst refusing to take down an infamous image of a little girl looking at a gay man in a dog gimp costume as the site stated that it “Supports the LGBTQ Community in full”.

Along with allegations towards homosexuals “Grooming Kids” on the site being removed and users banned for “Homophobic Language”.

Elon Musk said that he doesn't have confidence in Twitter's management or moderator teams in the wake of these incidents of bias among moderators and how the site handles users who differ in political opinions.

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