Brussels And Downing Street Warn Elon Musk That His Plans To Expand Free Speech On Twitter Will Lead To A Toxic User Base and Environment

The European Union (EU) and Downing Street have warned new Twitter owner Elon Musk that lack of moderation undermines users and creates a toxic environment among the user base.

The South African multi-billionaire vowed after buying Twitter for $44 Billion (£34.9 Billion) that he'd make Twitter a place where everyone can speak their minds.

Twitter for the past 10 years has been accused of undermining free speech and having a biased moderator system that flags anyone that doesn't promote their personal agendas.

Along with Twitter's lack of accountability for the Cancel Culture Moment that spread onto and from the platform in 2015, the Movement has been responsible for billions of dollars worth of property damage across the world as they claim it's to fight “Injustice”.

Musk stated that: “Freedom of speech is the bedrock of democracy, Twitter being a town square like environment must reflect that in how moderating content is carried out and that unjust bans end today.

That being said, Cancel Culture must be stamped out of Twitter in order to create that Utopia for people of all political allegiances, colors, creeds, and more can speak their minds openly without the threat of being tarred and feathered.

As a freedom of speech advocate, I must keep to those principles now that I own Twitter”.

Twitter's founder and board member Jack Dorsey stated that: Elon Musk is the singular solution I can trust”.

Many left leaning users of Twitter have threatened to leave and boycott Twitter in protest over Elon's acquisition of the social media giant.

The Good Place's Jameela Jamil stated: “I expect the platform to become even more lawless, hateful, xenophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, racist, and homophobic than it already is.

And that was before the take over by Elon Musk”.

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford has condemned Elon's business model too stating: “I started the Hate Won't Win campaign to prevent crap like this, myself and other black footballers get a lot of racist abuse.

Now I believe that it's about to get worse”.

Researcher Caroline Orr Bueno of the University of Maryland in the United States commented that: “We have no idea what Elon's Twitter will look like once his free speech policies are put into effect, what I do know is that many people will leave for Facebook”.

US Republican senator Marsha Blackburn welcomed the acquisition by stating: “This is a good day for freedom of speech, that for a long time the liberals have trampled on”.

In contrast Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren said: “The deal is dangerous to our democracy, regardless of who owns Twitter”.

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