British Airways Continue To Cancel Flights As Staff Shortages Continue To Plague The Airliner

British Airways is continuing to cancel flights as it suffers from a major staffing crisis, a majority of staff absences have been due to stewards and stewardesses being infected with Covid.

The airliner has so far cancelled 78 flights and said it has a further intention of cancelling more flights until the end of May, when their scheduled downsizing of travel destinations is slated to end.

The high levels of workers getting Covid means that further Easter Holiday flights have been axed, leaving many would be travelers angry at BA.

They're not the only ones either, Easy Jet cancelled 30 flights from Gatwick Airport today as their staff was also affected by Covid.

The Coronavirus has led to staff shortages to occur on airlines and at airports due to them being at higher risk of catching the virus, resulting in hampered recruitment efforts after thousands of staff either lost their jobs or left on their own accord to avoid getting infected by travelers.

The staff shortages and the ensuing cancellations along with delays at check-in and security have led to angry travelers to launch complaints at Easy Jet and British Airways.

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