A Proposed Ban Of Sports Betting And Other Gambling Ads Featuring Celebrities May Pass In The Commons

Adverts made by Gambling and Sports Betting companies featuring famous footballers and other celebrities may be banned under proposed new rules to protect under-18s from developing gambling habits.

The changes proposed by the UK Code for Advertising (UKCA) would mean that ads made by these companies featuring Cristiano Renaldo, Jose Mourinho, Michael Owen, Harry Redknapp, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (Neymar Jr), and others cannot be broadcast in the UK.

Other proposed changes also include:

A ban on showing a player's kit in ads.

A ban on showing a specific team's stadium in ads.

Using video game content and game-play popular with under-18s in ads.

Restrictions on the number of brand deals players could make to promote products.

Under the current advertising laws, an advert of this kind is only banned if it is suspected to try to target under-18s either by the content of the ad itself or the time-slot it airs in.

The new rules, if approved, would come into effect in October before the World Cup in Qatar.

A golden time for sports betting houses and gambling sites, who sink millions in advertising to attract gamblers and new players.

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