Survivors Of Mao's "Great Leap Forward" Speak Out

Survivors of The Great Leap Forward have began making their voices heard under threat of re-education.

The Great Leap Forward was the second of Mao Zedong's five year plans to turn China from a backwater nation into a superpower, that due to how it was implemented lead to the Great Chinese Famine that resulted in the deaths of 15-60 Million Chinese farmers between 1958 and 1962.

Crops would be planted closer together to increase crop yields, but with no room for the routes to grow they were stunted or died.

Sparrows where hunted to extinction because they ate what few crops were grown, but locust numbers rose and crops were eaten anyway.

Useful equipment and anything metal not weighed down was melted down in makeshift blast furnaces to make Chinese steel, but it was so poorly made that it was useless.

Along with plunging the heartlands into famine, Mao started the Hundred Flowers Campaign.

Citizens were allowed between 1957 and 1958 to mail in letters decrying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but afterwards those who sent the letters where traced and sent to re-education camps in the Gobi Desert.

The sand blasted skeletons of those who didn't submit are still found by Gobi inhabitants long after The Great Leap Forward ended and Mao died.

The food that was harvested was immediately sent to the Soviet Union as a method of Mao to pay debts owned for Arms, Factories, Nukes, and ironically Sparrows to repopulate China's bird population to combat locusts.

Chinese today only know The Great Leap Forward as “The 4 Years of Suffering”, a name meant to convey the notion that all the deaths and hardships to the Chinese during the period of 1958-1962 was meant to secure future Chinese the amenities they own today.

Any attempts to speak about the roads of corpses or falsely documented crop yields, would see you and your family sent to a re-education camp.

Many elderly Chinese, who see some of Mao in Xi-Jinping, have begun to make their voices heard as China becomes more aggressive towards Hong Kong and Taiwan.

With many being arrested for simply telling the truth, proving that Mao and Stalin's shadow still looms over China.      

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