North Korea Enters Total Lockdown As Cases Continue To Rise in The Hermit Kingdom

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has announced the country would enter an indefinite lockdown, as cases continue to rise in the Communist nation.

Pyongyang state media has reported a large scale Omicron outbreak in the capital city, but no official or verified Covid cases or deaths have been reported by the DPRK government.

Kim Jong Un has rejected life saving Covid Vaccines from the World Health Organization (WHO) as the dictator believes it to be poison or laced with cyanide, killing all who take it and leaving North Korea vulnerable to South Korea.

Kim Jong Un has even rejected Russian and Chinese made vaccines, not taking any chances, even for his allies in Beijing and Moscow.

Many non-inhabitants of Kim's hermit kingdom are concerned about the 25 Million North Koreans who are at risk to catching and dying of Covid-19, fearing that many have already died but the state covered it all up.

The capitalist South Korea has several times offered the communist North Korea vaccines, hospital facilities, and pneumonia medication but Kim Jong Un has rejected them too.

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