Mother Burns Herself To Death In Saigon Apartment Taking Her Daughter With Her

Two people died after an apartment caught fire in Saigon this week, according to local police.

A mother and her daughter died after a fire broke out in their Tan Phu District apartment on Wednesday, the fire started at around 4am on the 10th floor of the Carillon 5 Building on Luy Ban Bich Street.

The mother and daughter were trapped inside their apartment as the fire got bigger and spread to the balcony, according to witnesses the daughter tried to climb down to the 9th story balcony but fell.

After firefighters arrived and culled the flames the inside was black and the furniture had all been chard, investigators theorize that the mother caused the fire as they seized a jerry can with gasoline still inside.

A local doctor came forward to say that the woman had been diagnosed with cancer, leading investigators to conclude that this was a case of suicide by arson.

Suicide by burning to death or arson is a common method of suicide in Vietnam going back to the 1300's, and was used by Buddhist monks to protest the banning of Buddhism during the Vietnam War.

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