Mass Grave of Viet Cong And NVA Soldiers Found At Xuan Son HIll In Vietnam

The mass grave of 25 Viet Cong and NVA soldiers was found after a tip off from an American Vietnam War veteran.

The Vietnam War lasted from 1955-1975 between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, with the US aiding South Vietnam openly until 1973.

The veteran, who wishes to remain unidentified, provided coordinates on maps pertaining to Xuan Son Hill, showing where the bodies were buried.

The area around Xuan Son Hill was in 1966, a fierce battlefield during the war in Vietnam.

After two weeks of excavations with the help of locals and war veterans from both the north and former south, 25 bodies along with personal effects were discovered.

The remains will be displayed at a memorial ceremony on April 30th, followed by the burial of the remains at a cemetery for fallen soldiers for fallen soldiers in Hoai An.

According to info provided by the US veteran and data authorities pulled from war era archives, 60-80 Viet Cong and NVA were killed in the area in 1966.

A search is ongoing to find the other remains at Xuan Son Hill.

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