Ferdinand Marcos Jr Slated To Be The Philippines's New President Polls Suggest

Ferdinand Marcos Jr has so far won 56% of the votes in the Philippine Elections, as the polls suggest he is slated to become the new president of the island nation.

He is the son of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr, known as “The Hoarder of Yamashita's Gold”, who ruled over The Philippines from 1965 until his was exiled to Hawaii in 1986.During his rule Marcos Sr had dissenters killed, political rivals arrested, and all crime was punishable by death

After a failed Communist Revolution, Marcos Sr imposed Martial Law in 1972 and ordered an Anti-Communist task force to hunt down and kill the revolutionaries, mirroring the aftermath of the failed Indonesian Communist Coup and the subsequent genocide of Indonesian Communists from 1965-1966.

One of Marco's Sr's more known deeds came in 1970, when the dictator arrested treasure hunter Roger Roxas after he discovered a portion of Yamashita's Gold: The name given to a treasure consisting of billions of dollars worth of gold taken from Japanese occupied territories and was stored in the Philippine capital of Manila, before the end of WW2 it was scattered throughout the islands and none of it was ever found until Roxas's discovery.  

Marcos Sr confiscated the gold and rumor has it that he melted it down to inflate the Philippines's ailing gold reserves, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Marcos Sr later died in Honolulu on September 28th 1989, due to Cardiac Arrest.

His son says that: “I'm not like my father, I will carry out the duties of the Philippine President without my people suffering as my father did before me”.

Despite this turning of a new leaf for the Marcos family, critics have accused Marcos Jr of whitewashing history as he labelled The Philippines under his fathers regime as: “A period of a zero crime, a golden age to be cherished by all”.

But the Philippine public rallies regardless to Marcos Jr, earning popularity with the people by hosting music festivals, comedy clubs, dancing contests, and free t-shirts.

If Marcos Jr wins, then he will be handed the keys to a very different country than what he grew up in during the 70's and 80's.

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