Blue Mountain Landslide Kills 2 British Nationals

A pair of British nationals died on Monday after a landslide occurred in the Australian Blue Mountains.

A 49 year old man and his 9 year old son were crushed by falling rocks and swept off the mountain, another 2 people were injured in the incident.

Details of the dead, including what part of the UK they're from, have not been revealed at this time.

The Blue Mountains has been bombarded with weeks of heavy rain, making a landslide all too possible.

Some walking routes were shut for fear that they were flood damaged and prone to rock-slides.

A spokesman for the tour company stated that: “Wentworth Falls had been deemed safe.

The walking track where this incident occurred was inspected for days before the rock-slide as part of a routine track assessment program.

Unfortunately it was not possible to predict and eliminate all natural risks such as rock and landslides, which occasionally occur”.

Following the removal of the dead British nationals, the New South Wales Department of Environment and Heritage (NSWDEH) said that the Blue Mountains would be closed until a “Comprehensive Review” was completed.

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