A Catholic Cardinal Has Been Arrested In Hong Kong Following What The Chinese Government Claims Was An Act Of Anti-Social Behavior

A Catholic cardinal in Hong Kong was arrested by Chinese authorities, after breaking Chinese laws by protesting against the Communist regime for over 8 years, including taking part in the 2019 Umbrella Protests.

Chinese authorities claim that the cardinal, 90 year old Joseph Zen, had been participating in acts of “Anti-Social behavior” which violated the special administrative region's Security Law.

Mr Zen, originally from Shanghai, fled to British Hong Kong more than 70 years ago to escape the persecution of Chinese Catholics under former CCP chairman Mao Zedong.

When Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, it was under the condition that the newly created special administrative region would keep it's Capitalist and Anglo-Democracy values for a further 50 years until 2047.

However, China has repeatedly violated that clause over the past 25 years with encroaching on the rights of the Hong Kong people, along with the 20,000 Anglo-Hong Kongers and their decedents who chose to remain in Asia after the handover which ended the British Empire.

Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch have called his arrest: “A new low for Chinese controlled Hong Kong”.

The Vatican has also denounced China for this act of unjust imprisonment, calling it: “The violation of God's will”.

By the rules laid out for China in 1997, the UK has the right to regain direct rule over Hong Kong after Beijing's deliberate violations of the agreement.

Both former prime minister Theresa May and current prime minister Boris Johnson have contemplated this move, but both have stated that: “It would be a waste of manpower for just a small piece of land against the military might of China, who outnumber and out-gun us by a serious margin”.  

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