"Wait Till Ruto Becomes President" Kenyans Gang Up Against Ngunjiri After Attacking Deputy President William Ruto Again

This comes after the Nyeri Town Legislator took to social media and delivered a message to DP Ruto claims that he was to be the only beneficiary of the much talked about impeachment plan.

"You confirm there was a plan to impeach the President. We know as fact that you would have been the only beneficiary of such a process. Then you call it Propaganda. My Fren, Wajinga Waliisha Kenya Kabisaa" stated Ngunjiri on a Facebook post.

Ngunjiri, Kanini Kega among other Mt Kenya Region leaders have been bomb shelling DP Ruto frequently.

Political Analysts claim it's due to the pain Jubilee Party went through after UDA defeated them in their own "Bedroom" during Kiambaa by-elections.

Unexpected to Ngunjiri, his sentiments towards DP Ruto sparked reactions having majority of Kenyans attacking the Nyeri Town Legislator. Below are few of the comments in screenshots:

"Wait till DP becomes Kenya's next President.. I just don't know where you'll hide your face. By the way, you together with Kanini Kega make a good opposition team".

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