UN warns of 'avalanche of child death from drought'

Over 10 million children are amid those confronted with harsh dry spell  in the Horn of Africa.

The UN's children's body, Unicef, approximates that this statistics is three million greater than it was barely two months ago.

They assert that unless extra money gets in and cloud bursts, the country  could battle "an avalanche of child deaths".

Unicef's Executive Director Catherine Russell  informed the BBC that the dearth was "the worst climate-induced emergency in 40 years".

"There is so much attention being paid on Ukraine, we just have to show people what's happening here to make sure they understand the difficulties. If the rains don't come then people will definitely not survive because there is so little here," she said.

Unicef demands around $250m (£199m) for altruistic assistance to Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea and Djibouti.

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