Ugandan judge survives attempted killing- authorities

Ugandan judge has pull through a gun fire  after his escorts was assayed on Saturday night, the authorities have said.

In an account on Sunday, the judiciary affirmed that Judge Flavian Zeija and his team were unscathed throughout the firing that occurred at about 19:00 local time.

Judiciary mouth piece Jameson Karemani recounts the incident as an act of chickenheartedness and said that the assassins  would be call to account.

The authorities have launched an examination  into pulling the trigger.

A statistics of eminent individuals in Uganda have been heckled in recent times. Numerous confrontation remain unable to be solved.

In June last year, a minister pull through a murder endeavour by gangster on motorcycles in a Kampala countryside. His daughter and bodyguard were assassinated.

Others who have been slaughtered under the same boat include a senior police officer, a chief prosecutor and an MP.

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