The United Kingdom Has Recognised The Work Of The Kenyan Government To Put The Country On The Global Map

A report released by UK-based financial institution 'Standard Chartered' has placed Kenya in the same league as China and India for economies that could have the potential to dominate global trade.

Standard Chartered has placed Kenya among the top 13 countries that will dominate Global Trade in 2030.

Among the countries listed includes giant economies like China, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, India among others

Key to this milestone is the government's continued support of the manufacturing sector that has seen the country attract 10% of global companies, indicating that other multinational companies will be eyeing the Kenyan market in 2030.

It is further revealed that Kenya could accumulate up to Ksh 1 trillion from exports by 2030 with further details indicating that the export rate is currently growing at 7.6% per annum.

The key countries enabling this are Uganda, South Africa and Pakistan.

It should be noted that president Kenyatta prioritised the Manufacturing sector and it is also part of the 'Big 4' agenda for the country.

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