The Kenyan Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Has Suffered A Huge Blow Under The Leadership Of Hon Raila Odinga

Now, few hours after making this move, hon Charles Owino who is the former spokesperson of the police has come out to reveal what the ODM party told him that made him to ditch the party today despite the fact that he had paid the nomination fee.

As reported by one media house today in the evening, Owino said that even after he paid the nomination fee to the party, the Orange party told him to step down for a certain individual of which he was not willing to step down.

Instead, Owino resolved to join the UDM party.

Upon joining UDM party, Owino shelved his gubernatorial bid in favour of hon Nicholas Gumbo whom he will now be deputizing him.

They will be facing Senator James Orengo of ODM party.

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