Thabo Bester Found Dead In A South African Prison

Thabo Bester, known as the Facebook Rapist for his tactic of luring women via the American social media site, was found dead inside Mangaung Correctional Center in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Bester robbed and raped 3 models in 2012 and was serving his sentence after he confessed to murdering one of them.

A spokesman from the Department of Correctional Services confirmed that he was likely a victim of gang violence, but the autopsy will tell us the exact details.

His cell was found burnt and charred with a smell of gasoline permeating around the cell and his body, setting fire to an inmate inside a cell is a common gang killing tactic in various prisons across many countries.

SABC news states that: “Authorities will have an autopsy report by next week”. 

His two living victims, who wished not to be named, celebrated the death of their rapist in prison stating: "We hope that tsotsi burns in hell for what he did to us". 

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