Suspected Jammeh ally tried for crimes against humanity

A court case has commenced in Germany of a Gambian man indicted of playing a part in a group of hired assassin's that bumped off rivals of the West African country's former president, Yahya Jammeh.

The accused,  Bai Lowe, is incriminated of genocide and assassination including the murder 18 years ago of a correspondent, Deyda Hydara.

Mr Lowe, 46, has formerly acknowledged   to being a chauffeur with the hired assassin's known as the Junglers, which communicated  face to face to Mr Jammeh. He is  yet to enter an emotional appeal.

Before the tribunal in the German town of Celle, social reformers called for the forced out Gambian leader and his conspirators to make them explain their behaviour publicly  when they have done something wrong.

The court case is taking place on the grounds of a legal principle that allows States to claim criminal jurisdiction over an  accused person; it permits a worldpower to litigate crimes of savagery, holocaust and genocide, nonetheless of where they were institutionalised.

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