Rwanda To Host Illegal Immigrants And Asylum Seekers Heading To UK

Boris Johnson announced plans to send illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to the central African country of Rwanda which resulted in backlash from the opposition.

The Royal Navy has joined in with ships paroling the channel and North Sea to catch illegal immigrants sailing to the UK.

Boris Johnson, home secretary Priti Patel, and members of the Rwandan government have agreed to this deal whilst in the nation's capital Kigali.

When this was reviled in the commons, a furious row broke out, with the opposition calling Boris and Patel “Evil” and “A pair of monsters”.

Boris Johnson stated: “Let's be clear about this, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world and is very accommodating to outsiders.

They have come along way since the Rwandan Genocide, we are confident that our new migration partnership is 100% compliant towards humanitarian laws”.

The Anglo-Rwandan Migration Partnership is suspected to be challenged in British courts.

The deal states that Rwanda will get illegal immigrants and asylum seekers trying to go to England to bolster local labour shortages, in exchange for some of the goods produced to be sent to the UK at cheap prices.

Boris stated that he tried getting the British Overseas Territories of Ascension, Bermuda, and Gibraltar on his side but all the local governors declined his proposals.

He even tried Albania but that was quickly abandoned.

Although negotiations with Rwanda have been in the works for months, chairman of the defense committee Tobias Ellwood has accused the prime minister of the using the announcement to bolster support for him from British Nationalists within the Tory Party after he was relieved to be one of the government officials finned as apart of the Partygate Scandal.

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