Presidential aspirant seeks name change for Nigeria

Nigeria's candidate for president, Adamu Garba, yearns for the country's name to be rechristen to "the Nigritian Federation” or simply Nigritia.

He says the change in name will be component  in his amendments he will engage in if he wins the polls.

Nigerian presidential voting will take place in February 2023.

"How about we rebrand this country, properly federalize it and rename it to “The Nigritian Federation” or simply NIGRITIA. After all, Nigritia is our ancient name before Lady Lugard renamed it Nigeria," Mr Garba tweeted.

"It is high time to clean ourselves from negative stereotypes, reorganize ourselves and reclaim our country away from our colonial identities and divisions to our own definitions of unity, integration, tolerance and cohesion," he added,

He quoted  other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Benin and Togo that rechristen their "colonially induced" names on self dependent day contending  that "Identity is everything".

Mr Garba has also broadcast a prerecorded establishing the right way to  pronounce the put forward new name.

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