Parents of slain queer Kenyan cries out for justice

The parents of a gender queer person who was ferociously assassinated  and forcible intercourse in Kenya have beseeched for assistance in discovering  the assassins of their “kind and head-strong” daughter.

“I want to see the people who killed my daughter, I would appreciate to just see them, and make sure action is taken,” Sheila Lumumba’s father informed the BBC.

The assassination of the 24-year-old, who labelled   as queer, ignited fierce anger all over Kenya and the hashtag #JusticeForSheila started  coming into fashion in recent times.

Numeros alleged perpetrators have been interrogated , but police force up to now have not indicted anyone with the murder that occurred 

 in Karatina, a town in Nyeri County.

Kenya has draconian laws hostile to gay culture and civil rights asserts that members of the LGBTQ community can frequently  feel vulnerable by law enforcement agencies, and regularly experience bigotry  and disgrace.

John Lumumba and Milisens Oloo portrayed their daughter as a loving, kind and determined person, while adding that they were delighted of all Sheila’s achievements.

Brenda Oloo informed the BBC that her cousin’ demise was registering an overwhelming influence on the family.

“We want to know why. The brutality of what they did to her, what did she do so wrong that they had to do all of that to her? It was with so much hate,” she said.

“We never imagined something bad could happen to her, she was so strong. We are still not in acceptance that she is gone.”

An interconnection of NGOs in Kenya, including The National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, is reinforcing  the family on their look out for fair play.

Sheila’s interment will be held at the weekend.

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