Nigeria oil blast: Nation in 'trauma and shock' after refinery deaths- President Buhari

Nigeria's president has said the country is in "shock and trauma" following the deaths of more than 100 people from a blow up at an unlawful  oil refinery.

President Muhammadu Buhari narrate the occurence in Egbema local government, southern Nigeria, as a "catastrophe and a national disaster"

Many causality  were   charred beyond human recognition.

The police are hunting for the proprietor of the illicitl refinery.

The contamination  to fishing and farming brought about by the oil industry over the decades and the negligence  to share up the oil wealth has give on to some to find other ways to generate  money.

Unlawful refining is enticing as in parts of the oil-rich Niger Delta it is seen as a lucrative business, despite efforts to stop the practice.

Multitude of  people were speculated to have been operating at the refining factory  when they were entangled in the gigantic inferno.

The fatality rate  has soared  as first responders search through the debris. Ifeanyi Nnaji of the National Emergency Management Agency informed journalist that the number feared dead has risen to 109.

"We learnt many bodies are in nearby bushes and forests as some illegal operators and their patrons scampered for safety," he earlier told the AFP news agency.

Charred corpses, as well as disintegrates  of belongings, such as flip flops, bags and clothing, were seen littered  around the scene of the disaster by a correspondent for the Reuters news agency.

In a declaration  on Sunday, Mr Buhari commiserated with the affected families and vowed that those culpable for the blow up must be captured and taken before the judge.

Nigerian authorities have been battling to restrain the multiplication of unlawful plants where ill gotten crude oil is refined. The president

had instructed security agents  to step up  efforts to close down these refineries.

It is uncertain what triggered  the blow up  that occurred late  Saturday at the unlawful oil refinery  in Egbema local government  area, a boundary area between the southern states of Imo and Rivers, an official  addrd on Saturday, confirning that  more than 100 were feared dead so far, Xinhua news agency report.

But Nigeria's official oil refineries do not work at optimal  capacity, triggering regular fuel shortages and price increases across the country.

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