Leaders Across Former French Colonial Africa Congratulate Macron For Winning Sunday's French Election

African leaders from former French Colonies like Mali, Madagascar, and Djibouti have congratulated Emmanuel Macron on maintaining his position of French President following his win on Sunday.

Senegalese president and chairman of the African Union has also congratulated Macron on behalf of the African Union.

African nations not of the former French Empire have also congratulated Macron, Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia (A former Italian colony) and Hage Geingob of Namibia (A former German colony turned South African Mandate) have also sent their congratulations.

France still have a grip over it's former colonies in West and Central Africa, part of their independence constitutions make them dependent on France to manage currency via the CFA Franc and certain perks for ethnicity French inhabitants and diplomats.

This practice opponents call “Neocolonialism” has led to condemnation by the EU, USA, UK, and some of their former colonies. 

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