Kenya's New Price For Refilling Gas From Rubis Energy

Most of the Kenyans living in urban areas uses Gas to cook food. They have been complaining all along for the increase price of refilling Gas.

Now, it seems the situation may not change as the price for refilling Gas keep rising each and every year.

Today the Rubis energy in Kenya has reveal another new price effective from tomorrow for refilling Gas eliciting reactions among Kenyans.

The notice has been issued to the gas dealers, and here is the price of each type of gas:

6 Kg gas has been 1243 with the dealer but now it has increase by Ksh 198.88 making it Ksh 1441.88 and finally the end user price will be Ksh 1560.00.

13 Kg gas now will have an increase of Ksh 429 from Ksh 2648 making a total of Ksh 3113 and finally the end user will be Ksh 33490.

35 Kg increase by Ksh 1,129 from Ksh 7062 making it Ksh 8191 and the end user price will be Ksh 8760.

This will be a huge blow to kenyans as they expect lowering of the Price to refill Gas but they got no solotion.

Here are some of Kenyans reactions:

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