Kenyans Demand Reparations For Colonial Rule As Prince William Is Slated To Visit The Country

Groups across Kenya has demanded reparations ahead of Prince William the Duke of Cambridge's royal visit to the African country, due to forced evictions and the Mau Mau Uprising.

Tea farming was a lucrative business in British East Africa, and many natives had their land seized to set up plantations owned by the Anglo-Kenyan colonial elite.

The Mau Mau Uprising which lasted from 1952-1960, is seen in the eyes of Kenyans an attempt of becoming an independent state, whilst the British viewed it as a rebellion that must be put down to protect the lives of Anglo-Kenyans.

When the uprising was deemed a failure in 1960, an estimated 40,000 people from both sides were killed.

Kenya gained independence from the British Empire in 1963, and in the wake of the Royal's disastrous visit to the Caribbean and Meso-America where locals called for reparations from London, Kenya has joined in as the Duke of Cambridge is slated to visit the country.

Prince William made a statement saying: “My grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, gained her position when she and my late grandfather Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh learned that my great grandfather King George VI passed away back in England.

Since then we have felt heavily attached to this east African nation.

On my visit, I will absolutely apologize for the actions of not just the colonial elite and the British Kenyan Police, but also my own great grandfather's King's African Rifles”. 

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