#JusticeForSheila: Kenyan anger after Lesibians murder

Human rights groups are calling on Kenyan authorities to look into homicide investigation of a gender queer, which has activated ĺthe fashionable label sticker #JusticeForSheila.

"No one deserves such cruel treatment. Sheila didn't have to experience all this pain," Amnesty Kenya tweeted.

Sheila Lumumba's dead body was spotted couple of days ago, according to LGBTQ groups.

The assassination kicked off an electronically connected controversy  about LGBTQ entitlements in Kenya - a country where homoerotic is against the law.

Associates of the country's LGBTQ community habitually face bigotry and blot, and attempts to make legal homoerotic  have been abortive.

It is not explicit crystal clear what transpired to Lumumba in the central Nyeri county, but there are details that they were sexually molested.

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