In Kenya A Lady Has Been Spotted Carrying A Whole Slaughtered Calf While A Meat Van Was Looted After A Traffic Collision

Cases of traffic collisions in Kenya are rather common and have been reportedly increasing every day.

Most of these road accidents are typically caused by human errors like careless driving, speeding, drinking and driving, among others.

However, a Kenyan blogger recently shared images of an accident that occurred on a busy highway, eliciting mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media.

According to the social media post, this particular accident involved a Truck transporting slaughtered meat.

In the pictures provided, several Kenyans are seen helping themselves to the meat, looting the property of the truck driver who seems powerless to stop them.

One such photo of a woman carrying a whole Slaughtered cow on her shoulder has gone viral Online.

Comments from Kenyans on social media have been very mixed.

From some enquiring as to who the boyfriend of the lady is, while others congratulate her for her actions.

Here are some of the reactions featured: