How The CEO Of Rubis Blackmailed The Kenyan Government To Demand Subsidies While Making Millions On False Imports

Governments around the globe tried to absorb the shock not to be felt on common citizens through provision of subsidies to oil marketers.

As for the case of Kenya, the government was forced to disburse subsidies worth 34B to oil marketers after they claimed they were unable to import enough for the Kenyan market due to the pending subsidies.

Ironically, after the government disbursed the subsidies, the country was still experiencing oil shortages with political leaders putting pressure on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This forced the government to launch investigations to establish why there was still not enough oil in the market despite oil marketers being paid their dues.

The investigation has exposed the rot in Rubis Energy and how the company CEO blackmailed the government and managed to extort subsidies running into millions on false oil imports.

It has been established that most of the oil being sold by the company was imported before global oil prices shot up yet the company demanded millions from the government as subsidy claiming that they imported the oil at current high prices.

The investigations also revealed that most of Rubis Energy oil imported into Kenya was inturn being exported to other countries without government permission.

The company was selling Kenyan subsidized oil to other countries! The company was not supposed to export the oil when the demand in Kenya has not been met. This entire plan was hatched by Rubis CEO.

EPRA has announced a crackdown on other rogue oil marketers who are causing artificial shortage in the market to earn supernormal profits.

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