How A Turkish Terrorist Once Refused To Leave Nairobi Leading To A Dramatic Arrest

The weekend, a Turkish citizen named Harun Aydin was arrested in Kenya on allegations of being involved in terrorism activities.

The Turkish government however declared that he had been cleared of the charges. Kenya later deported the business man.

This was not the first time such an incident had occurred on Kenyan soil. Several years ago, Abdullah Ocalan came to Kenya disguised as a journalist from Cyprus.

He was a founding member of Kurdistan Workers Party which was originally established in 1978 to fight for the rights of minority Kurds In Turkey.

Soon It got into violent conflict with the Turkish government in an attempt to establish a Kurdish state, killing over 40,000 people in the process.

Ocalan then went to live in Syria before Turkey warned the country if it failed to extradite him, they would take drastic action.

He escaped to Russia, Italy and eventually Greece. Greece felt that this would compromise the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

It feared that Turkish intelligence would be after Greece therefore it planned to fly him out to a transit country before settling on what country to take him, it planned that the transit country was Kenya.

The reason behind using Kenya for this dangerous mission months after the attack of US embassy was not known.

This prompted the foreign ministry led by Bonaya Godana to summon Greece ambassador in Kenya to explain why they brought a terrorist to Kenya.

Greek ambassador asked Ocalan to leave Nairobi but he declined and wrote a letter asking for political asylum in Kenya.

His female aides threatened to immolate themselves as an act of protest. Greek intelligence asked his handlers to move him out but they declined.

Embarrassed, the Greeks created a unit that would move him out by force. His arrest was dramatic involving Turkish, Greek intelligence and Kenyan officials.

The story comes with different versions that Ocalan was forced out in company of Kenyan officials.

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