Former Kenyan Meta employee files lawsuit

In Kenya an erstwhile staff of Facebook's parent company, Meta, has registered  a litigation averring that poverty stricken workplace  conditions contravene  the country's constitution.

Daniel Motaung's appeal says locally outsourcing workers, who is in charge of Facebook posts, endure erratic remuneration and obtain insufficient  mental health assistance after watching distressing subject matter.

Mr Motuang says this curbing jobholding has given him Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

He was dismissed after attempting to get gobs of co-workers to form a union.

The litigation is going in pursuit of monetary recompensation and a self sufficient  human rights survey of Mr Motaung's office. It also desires the court to order that unionisation rights be safeguarded.

A mouthpiece for Meta said it asked its collaborator to provide with industry-leading pay, advantages and succour.

The outsourced company, Sama, has earlier declined  assertions of ill treating its workers.

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