Farouk Kibet, The Ruthless Aide To Deputy President Of Kenya William Ruto, Who Literally Slaps And Turns People Away For Bothering His Boss

When the name Farouk Kibet is mentioned, an image of a ruthless man surrounding Deputy President William Ruto, who literally slaps and dismisses inconvenient visitors immediately comes to mind.

Recently, the no-nonsense gatekeeper came dangerously close to slapping former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama on stage during the UDA party's National Democratic Congress (NDC) rally at Kasarani Stadium.

If you're on good terms with Kibet, you can expect to get anything you want from the second in command, and you'd best hope he loves you, because if he doesn't, consider your goose fried.

Recently, Garissa town member of parliament Aden Duale revealed Farouk Kibet's true colours when he described how the man does not entertain just any Tom Dick and Harry when he is near William Ruto.

Duale admitted that there are several goods at William Ruto's residence, and the man who can either convince you to get them or miss them is one Farouk Kibet.

According to Duale, the man is unconcerned about the magnitude of your problem as long as you are an uninvited guest who arrived without an appointment.

Indeed, hakuna cha akaniambia nikuje niliongea na mkubwa.

Farouk Kibet would compare himself to Jesus in the Bible, who stated emphatically that "no one would see my Father except through me."

Duale continued, "Parliamentarians surrounding the deputy president must wake up daily praising Farouk Kibet because they know it is the correct thing to do, or else their goose can be fried at any time and their political dreams snuffed out."

"There are some nice things at William Ruto's office, and Farouk Kibet is the man in charge. Ruto might complicate your life if you want something from him, as he is the only way in and out. Nobody succeeds in Ruto's circles without bypassing Farouk Kibet."

Even if you're starving, Farouk Kibet will advise you to return another day, pointing to his wristwatch and telling you that "My friend, your day is Tuesday. Now you're wondering if you're truly hungry, and this gentleman advises you to return another day, most likely Thursday, to see the Vice President."

Even these members of parliament are well aware that they must remain loyal to Farouk Kibet and consistently praise him, because failing to do so has grave implications that are better imagined than experienced, Aden Duale stated.

Recently, the no-nonsense gatekeeper came dangerously close to slapping former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama on stage at the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party's national Delegates Conference (NDC) at Kasarani stadium.

Muthama was speaking to the gathering when Farouk materialized out of thin air.

He then mumbled something into his ears, and judging by his facial expressions, Kibet was not pleased with Muthama, as he continued to fling his hands in the air beside him.

He then exited the platform immediately, having delivered his point to Muthama.

What enraged Ruto's right-hand guy during the UDA NDC was unclear.

Farouk Kibet has been linked to the late Nicholas Biwott, who was compared to former President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi.

Biwott was Moi's ear, and he could direct Moi in whatever direction he pleased. Moi trusted the man more than he trusted his firstborn son, Jonathan Moi, who was extremely devoted to his mother.

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