Ethiopians Queue Outside The Russian Embassy To Enlist In The Russian Foreign Legion

Young men from across Ethiopia (Formally Abyssinia) have been gathering outside the Russian embassy in the capital city of Addis Ababa today, after rumors of Ethiopians being recruited by the Embassy spread like wildfire.

Lines formed from the gates of the embassy for blocks, filled with Ethiopian men in their teens and 20s holding personal documents wishing to enlist to fight in Ukraine.

Russia's embassy spokeswoman, Maria Chernukhina, has denied that recruitment for the Russian Foreign Legion (RFL) was taking place in Africa.

She said: “Our Embassy in Addis Ababa is not a recruitment center, if they do wish to enlist, proper channels have been supplied to those who want to do so”.

Many of them were Russian sympathizers, Ethiopia has strong ties to Moscow, beginning with the Communist regime taking power in 1974 after deposing Abyssinian emperor Haile Selassie.

Ethiopia is one of the 17 African nations that refuse to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine, including South Africa and Eritrea.

The latter was part of Abyssinia and later Ethiopia from 1946-1993.

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